Alec Carrigy, B.Sc, MSc, EPt, BIT

Alec is an Environmental Scientist where he provides support for new and ongoing projects including report writing, taking meeting minutes, and compiling relevant sources and information. He works in several Lines of Business, including Agri-Foods Sector, Resource Industries and Watershed Managers.

For every project he works on, Alec brings his experience in research, writing, data management and biology. His past work and educational experiences focused on how other organisms (mostly plants) interact with water, which has enabled him to appreciate how important water is as a resource. Alec also gained significant experience while working in the field on drought projects all over Alberta, in the US, and briefly in Africa.

Alec is passionate about water issues because of how essential water is for life. He knows that every organism on Earth requires water, and humans are no exception. This fact makes water a unique and invaluable resource, which he finds fascinating.

Alec has a M.Sc. in Biology from the University of New Mexico, and an Honors B.Sc. in Ecology from the University of Alberta. He has published several articles focused on subjects ranging from plant life to water use in the food and energy sectors.