Joan Y. Nodelman

B.Sc., B.Ed., MBA

Joan became a WaterSMART Special Advisor in 2018, and has more than 40 years of experience in communications, fundraising, education, risk management and problem solving in the business and volunteer sector.

Joan is an accomplished risk and management consultant who has a unique ability to identify gaps in organizations, groups and societies and a passion for developing effective and pragmatic solutions to those gaps and issues.

Utilizing her experience in risk assessment, Joan applies critical analysis of corporate culture, business processes, policies, and procedures to assess her clients’ organizational risk profile and to identify ways to reduce or prevent broader organizational, social and economic risks.

Joan’s specific areas of expertise include determining organizational risk profiles based on consultation with internal and external stakeholders, output from technical analyses and comparisons with best practices from leading organizations. She is also adept at identifying risk mitigation and management initiatives, fleshing out threats and opportunities, and cost-effective strategies for managing and reducing carbon emissions as well as adaption initiatives.

Joan is experienced in strategy and policy development, including planning, designing and developing protocols and procedures to assess organizational and social vulnerabilities to climate change, bridging diverse cultural, inter-personal and social issues to address policy needs, and devise workable, real-world, strategy and policy solutions

Joan also provides presentations and workshops on climate change and sustainable development issues to government, industry, academics and environmentalists. In addition, she designs and facilitates workshops that update engineering and business professionals on leading-edge developments in climate change vulnerability risk, greenhouse gas mitigation, and sustainable development.

Joan is an experienced facilitator and has the ability to bridge gaps between diverse groups of stakeholders and provide practical, workable solutions to address issues.

Joan received her MBA and B.Ed. from Queens University and her B.Sc. in Biology from the University of Toronto. Joan is also a certified Canadian Risk Management Professional (CRM).