Laura Cobeil, B.Sc, EPt

Laura is an environmental scientist and project manager at WaterSMART, working predominantly in the Agriculture and Food Processing, and Public Sector Lines of Business. For each project she works on, Laura brings her skills in technical writing, data analysis and presentation, efficient note taking, and knowledge of project finances and invoicing procedures.

Laura studied environmental science at the University of Calgary, where she gained an appreciation for the interconnectedness of the environment. Her capstone project in her final year involved weather modeling to predict future water availability in the Special Areas of Alberta. This was used as a tool for flood and drought resiliency planning in the context of climate change. This project opened her eyes to the extreme importance of water management strategies as climate change, resource development, and population growth continue to increase pressure on our most vital resource. It also provided her with a strong foundational knowledge of climate change in Alberta.

Throughout her education Laura held several field-based positions in northern British Columbia and Alberta, where she gained experience in tailings waste management and vegetation assessment for the resource extraction industry. First-hand exposure to the reality of natural resource development has given Laura an appreciation for the complex ways humans interact with the environment, and has inspired her to pursue work that finds effective, collaborative solutions to today’s multifaceted environmental issues.

Laura is passionate about water issues because they are complex and because they demand collaborative and creative solutions that involve different people, places, and industries. She is also passionate about educating the public about water, and enjoys talking about water issues outside of work, sometimes opening people’s eyes to its significance and complexity.

As a long-time resident of Calgary, Laura is thrilled to be working at WaterSMART where she is contributing to the health and safety of her local environment and fellow residents. She also believes that she has gained another level of understanding of water through her work at WaterSMART, as well as an appreciation for something so connected to all of our lives.