Strategy and Policy Advisement

Water Strategy and Implementation

Our team of water management experts support organizations to create water strategies, corporate policies and implementation plans that align with local, national, and international practices, starting by outlining the water risks and opportunities in the watersheds where they operate.

As part of this service, WaterSMART:

  • Employs clear, customizable processes to develop and implement a strategy for sourcing, using, reusing and disposing of water, all based on an organization’s specific water needs. This can include helping with governance structures within existing sustainability management systems and assessing opportunities to reduce water supply risk.
  • Supports the implementation of water strategies by facilitating access to water, including providing help with regulatory applications and assisting during meetings with regulatory agencies.
  • Helps reduce the amount of water organizations consume and develops monitoring and reporting requirements.
  • Assesses and recommends the most appropriate technologies to create cost reductions and better water risk management practices.
  • Develops water metrics and reporting systems for both internal and external disclosures.

Regional Water Management Planning and Options Assessment

We work with companies and municipalities to identify water management opportunities and water risks, and to assess the best opportunities for sourcing, using, reusing and disposing of water, all based on an organization’s current and future water needs.

Our services include helping with regulatory applications and assisting during meetings with regulatory agencies and related organizations.

Water Investment Risk and Valuation Assessments

WaterSMART works with investment houses and banks to identify, understand and quantify the water risks facing the companies they invest in, or those they are considering adding to their portfolios. We accomplish this by conducting water strategy reviews, water risk assessments, market assessments, and water technology assessments. We then assign risk scores and monetary values to each of the water risks present to create a full understanding of the true value of water to the organization and to the investor.

We also work with organizations on strategic acquisition opportunities in water related businesses, including target identification, approach strategies, due diligence and integration planning and execution.

Policy Development and Implementation Support

WaterSMART works with governments and organizations to support the development and implementation of water policies. Our services include:

  • Conducting research into regulations, legislation, relevant case studies and the policy frameworks of outside jurisdictions.
  • Determining which of our research findings apply to each specific client.
  • Developing and supporting the implementation of applicable policies.
  • Identifying and addressing gaps in current policies and regulations.