Resource Industries

To reduce costs, gain access to water, and meet regulatory and environmental requirements, wise water use is essential to the resource sector.

We work with energy, mining, forestry and infrastructure organizations and groups to help them successfully manage and plan their full cycle of water needs, including sourcing, use, reuse and disposal. We also guide resource organizations and groups to help them meet or exceed water-related regulatory requirements, and to help them choose the most appropriate technologies that result in cost reductions and better water management practices.


Featured Resource Industries Projects

Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) – In Situ Water Best Practices Working Group

Implementing new water technologies or initiatives can be economically and operationally challenging for individual in situ oil sands operators. The In Situ Water Best Practices Working Group brings participating Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) companies together to share best practices and adopt and improve technologies that advance operational and environmental performance improvements. The information and knowledge shared between participating companies allows participating member companies to identify solutions to environmental challenges more quickly and to apply operational and /or technology improvements at existing facilities.

When working with the COSIA In Situ Water Best Practices Working Group, WaterSMART uses our proven facilitation method to progress best practice projects through a framework that provides the right balance of engaging stakeholders across the value chain and maintaining technical excellence. By providing a unique combination of in-house integrated water management expertise with access to a diverse external network of global and local leaders in the field, WaterSMART has supported the continued development of best practice documents for in situ oil sands operators.

The Water Technology
Development Centre (WTDC)

The Water Technology Development Centre (WTDC) is an ambitious, collaborative effort amongst oil sands operators to share learnings and develop technologies which will improve the responsible use of water within the industry. The WTDC project involves both a physical testing facility and management and technical committees, which meet regularly to ensure the project’s success.

The Water Technology Development Centre is currently building a testing facility which, once completed, will speed up the development and implementation of new water treatment technologies. By shortening the timeframe required to test new technologies, operators will accelerate return on investment, reduce water use, improve energy efficiency, and improve technologies and practices for managing water products from water treatment.

WaterSMART provides the WTDC with expert facilitation, meeting support, and preparation of summary reports. By managing the behind the scenes details and documenting the committees’ efforts, WaterSMART enables the WTDC membership to focus on collaborative technology development to improve the sustainability of the industry.

Hydraulic Fracturing Project 

WaterSMART is working with an oil and gas company in the hydraulic fracturing space to develop an internal and external water monitoring and reporting protocol. This protocol will be used by the company to inform internal decisions and actions to improve the company’s responsible water use and to enable external communication and public reporting of the company’s water stewardship efforts. WaterSMART provides our expert knowledge of water management and the regulatory environment to help this company meet their long-term water goals.

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