Alex Bjurstrom


Alex is a Project Engineer in Training who joined WaterSMART in 2023. Since joining, her primary roles have included working with collaborative groups and providing support to several municipal and industrial water strategies and implementation projects. She utilizes Geographic Information Systems (GIS) to support several projects by conducting spatial analysis and creating visual aids.

While obtaining her degree in Engineering Physics at from Queen’s University, Alex interned at Maxar Technologies (MDA Space) in Toronto, supporting NASA’s OSIRIS-REx mission, whose goals included identifying and quantifying earth like elements on Near Earth Asteroid “Bennu,” including water. She completed an undergraduate thesis outlining a conceptual mission to Bennu to mine boulders from the surface and extract water from them, which could then be processed into rocket fuel in-orbit to enable low-cost deep space travel. Though space provided fascinating work, Alex felt as though there were an overwhelming number of issues here on earth and wanted to focus her efforts on issues that hit closer to home, which is what led her to WaterSMART after graduation.

A born and raised Calgarian, Alex has a passion to make sure that the areas we live, work and play in remain intact for our and future generations. Alex is motivated to pursue knowledge of the local, national, and world’s hydrological and regulatory environments, to support a strong economy within the confluence of climate change and population growth.