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Through our global network of expert Special Advisors and team members, WaterSMART brings together highly knowledgeable and experienced leaders to solve complex water management issues.

This level of expertise differentiates us from our competitors and so does our approach to every project: we always act in the best interests of our clients while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements and protecting the watersheds where we work. The combination of deep domain knowledge and strong collaborative facilitation skills make WaterSMART uniquely qualified to help clients address water management challenges. At WaterSMART, we are passionate about water and driven by our motivation to protect this precious resource. Our proven results and impeccable reputation as the go-to water management consultancy shows that we deliver the best solutions – now and for future generations.

Our Services

“Water for a sustainable economy” is the anchor for everything we do. Simply put, the goal for each project we undertake is to create economic benefits while also ensuring the needs of the watershed are met.

Learn more about how our services enable us to consistently reach this goal while implementing the best approaches and solutions for your water management challenges.


Our Lines of Business

Our Lines of Business are led and supported by experts and recognized industry leaders who have unparalleled knowledge about water at the local, regional and global levels. We apply our services across a wide variety of industries, improving water management by creating, recommending and implementing better practices, solutions and technologies for our clients.











Latest News

Newly formed Stormwater Management Cooperative creates regional stormwater solution 

The incorporation of the Stormwater Management Cooperative (CSMI) in early December 2020 marks the formal establishment of an innovative and collaborative approach for regional protection against the impacts of severe weather in southern Alberta.


WaterSMART Publishes Water for the Hydrogen Economy Report

On November 30, WaterSMART published a report on the importance of water in the development of the hydrogen economy. This topic is most applicable to water stressed regions that have visions for large scale hydrogen production. To date, limited research had been published on this topic.


Alberta WaterPortal Society publishes fun and educational online games and videos

With online learning leaping in popularity, the Alberta WaterPortal Society is publishing fun new learning activities to help keep water education interesting, even online.


Historic expansion for Alberta irrigation 

Alberta’s government, together with the Canada Infrastructure Bank (CIB) and eight irrigation districts, is modernizing irrigation infrastructure to create jobs, expand agriculture production and diversify value-added food processing.


Foresight & WaterSMART Announce the Acquisition of waterNEXT 

Developing the next generation of Canadian water technologies & solutions, Foresight and WaterSMART announced today the asset acquisition of waterNEXT Innovations Inc. – Canada’s Water Accelerator. 


WaterSMART Founder and CEO Kim Sturgess Featured as SHEInnovator

Founder and CEO of WaterSMART Solutions Kim Sturgess was featured this week by SHEInnovates as a prominent female innovator. The article highlights her entrepreneurial advances in water technologies, her mentorship under Peter Lougheed and her history as a Queens graduate.


WaterSMART Solutions recognized as a noteworthy water management firm in the oil and gas sector

In a recent fact sheet published by The Canadian Trade Commissioner Service (TCS), WaterSMART Solutions was named in a list of noteworthy firms offering water technology solutions for the oil and gas sector.


Western Economic Diversification Canada publishes report on Canadian Prairie prosperity

After more than a year of research and writing, Western Economic Diversification Canada (WD) released its report on a water management strategy for the Canadian Prairies on Aug. 31, 2020.


#OurWaterWorkers in COVID-19: On the front lines, but behind the scenes

WaterSMART is proud to participate in GWI’s #OurWaterWorkers campaign, thanking the people who have managed to keep water treatment utilities operating in the midst of COVID-19. Water workers are using their skills to provide us with treated water and to research innovative new ways to track the virus. We want to say thank-you.


ECO Canada recognizes Laura Corbeil and WaterSMART!

We are beyond proud that our company and our team were recognized by ECO Canada at the Eco Impact Awards on January 23rd.


WaterSMART hosts first ever Alliance for Water Stewardship Training in Canada

We are proud to announce that WaterSMART was chosen as the first organization in Canada to host Alliance for Water Stewardship Training. In the training sessions, participants learned how to understand their water use and impacts, and how to work collaboratively and transparently for sustainable water management in a watershed context.


CEO Kim Sturgess awarded U of C Honorary Degree

We are pleased and extremely proud to announce that in recognition of her leadership and outstanding achievements, our founder and CEO Kim Sturgess has recently been awarded an Honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Calgary. Over the years, Kim has been recognized with many other prestigious awards, including the Order of Canada and an Honorary Doctor of Science degree from Queen’s University, to name a few. Congratulations Kim!

The Cooperative Stormwater Management Initiative

Since 2012, WaterSMART has worked with the Western Irrigation District and five surrounding municipalities to develop a regional stormwater management solution. We are happy to announce that the project is entering an exciting new phase, and pending approval from Alberta Environment and Parks, construction is slated to begin in 2019. Read more about this exciting project on the Alberta WaterPortal.


What else is going on at WaterSMART?

Check in on the latest news! Our goal is to keep you informed about exciting new projects, team members, organizational changes and publications, and to provide our thoughts and opinions on water management issues.