Project Development and Stakeholder Engagement

Water Stewardship Support

WaterSMART uses our strong water management planning, collaborative consultation, and communications backgrounds to support the work of water stewardship groups (WSGs) and watershed planning and advisory councils (WPACs).

As the Canadian distribution partner for the Alliance for Water Stewardship (AWS), WaterSMART works with clients to analyze stakeholder perspectives and to summarize common themes to facilitate rigorous protocols and practices that capture, monitor and report on stewardship activities. We also develop case studies and metrics that demonstrate the value that stewardship brings to businesses.

This stewardship work results in compliance with the AWS Standard, and ensures our clients meet the global benchmark and are committed to responsible water management practices.

Water Security Management

Whether managing a municipality or an organization, responsible practice requires having a water security management plan in place. WaterSMART ensures our clients are protected by recommending environmental, regulatory and engineering practices that secure their water sources, even during dry years and drought. Our services also include developing client-specific climate change adaptation plans and water quality management plans.

Multi-Partner Project Development and Execution

The WaterSMART team has extensive experience solving water-related challenges that involve multiple partners, companies, industries, municipalities and irrigation districts. We facilitate stakeholder engagement and collaboration between disparate groups to build alignment and to create and implement plans that achieve a common vision. Our services include:

  • Developing and executing scoping studies
  • Funding strategies
  • Engineering studies
  • Regulatory submissions
  • Engineering design reviews
  • Legal agreements
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Project communications