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Through our global network of expert Special Advisors and team members, WaterSMART brings together highly knowledgeable and experienced leaders to solve complex water management issues.
This level of expertise differentiates us from our competitors and so does our approach to every project: we always act in the best interests of our clients while meeting or exceeding regulatory requirements and protecting the watersheds where we work. The combination of deep domain knowledge and strong collaborative facilitation skills make WaterSMART uniquely qualified to help clients address water management challenges. At WaterSMART, we are passionate about water and driven by our motivation to protect this precious resource. Our proven results and impeccable reputation as the go-to water management consultancy shows that we deliver the best solutions – now and for future generations..

We are currently hiring for:

Environmental Scientist / Engineering Intern 


“Whether helping industrial leaders manage water responsibly, assisting in the evolution of our local regulatory environment, or bringing people together to discuss water issues, WaterSMART is playing an immense role in securing our water future, and I feel lucky to be a part of it. Working at WaterSMART has connected me to local and international networks of incredible water professionals, and given me great insights into how companies, resources, and people are managed.”

– STEVE HERMAN, Director of Engineering at WaterSMART