Resource Industries

Using best practices for wise water use, WaterSMART helps resource-based organizations reduce costs, gain access to water and meet regulatory and environmental requirements. WaterSMART has water management expertise in the following industries:

  • Energy
  • Oil and gas
  • Coal and mining
  • Forestry
  • Agriculture
  • Hydrogen
  • Oil sands
  • Petrochemicals
  • Construction

For our Resource Industry clients, WaterSMART:

  • Assists in corporate water management and reporting strategy development.
  • Provides water sourcing options assessments and water licensing support.
  • Plans and manages the full cycle of water needs, including water access, use, reuse and disposal.
  • Helps meet or exceed water-related regulatory requirements, including those in the Water Act.
  • Conducts hydrologic assessments to analyze water access and availability in order to understand and manage water risks.
  • Facilitates collaborative working groups for various industry groups, helping to improve industry collaboration.
  • Provides technology assessments allowing clients to choose the most appropriate technologies that result in cost reductions and better water management practices.

Featured Resource Industries Projects

Clean Resource Innovation Network (CRIN)

WaterSMART led and supported the activities and growth of the CRIN Water Technology Development Theme. By leveraging our vast, global network of technical clients and colleagues in the water technology development ecosystem, we have helped CRIN fulfill its vision to unite a pan-Canadian network that positions Canada as a global leader in clean hydrocarbon production and use.

Highlights of this work include:

  • Establishing and co-chairing a diverse, pan-Canadian, multi-industry Water Working Group (WG) that has grown from a handful of members in 2018 to an engaged cohort of 25 individuals.
  • Identifying, documenting, and collaboratively ranking top challenges in the water ecosystem, stemming from an oil and gas focus and eyeing other industries across Canada.
  • Designing and hosting technical webinars to foster connections and collaboration within the water ecosystem.
  • Doubling membership in the Water Theme’s LinkedIn group.
  • Preparing an approach to administer CRIN funding to water technology challenge owners and solution providers via the Reducing Environmental Footprint Competition.

Greenview Industrial Gateway (GIG)

WaterSMART was engaged by Greenview to assess water availability for the Greenview Industrial Gateway (GIG), a large-scale Eco-Industrial Zone that promotes value-added industrial growth in the methane supply chain from the Smoky River. WaterSMART is also preparing an application for a water diversion license under the Water Act including preparing and submitting the application and working closely with Alberta Environment and Parks (AEP) and Greenview to support the application throughout the regulatory review process.

The Water Technology Development Centre (WTDC)

WaterSMART supports the Water Technology Development Centre (WTDC) in its collaborative effort amongst oil sands operators to share learnings and develop technologies to improve responsible water use within the oil sands industry.

WaterSMART provides the WTDC with expert facilitation and support, including meeting scheduling and minuting, file management, and member coordination. WaterSMART also provides the WTDC with technical support for reporting, technology development planning, and funding agreement applications and management.

By managing the behind-the-scenes details and facilitating the committees’ efforts, WaterSMART enables the membership to focus on collaborative technology development to improve the competitiveness and sustainability of the oil sands industry.

Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) – In Situ Water Best Practices Working Group

WaterSMART worked with the In Situ Water Best Practices Working Group to bring companies participating in the Canadian Oil Sands Innovation Alliance (COSIA) together to share best practices and adopt and improve technologies that advance operational and environmental performance.

By providing a unique combination of in-house water management expertise with access to a diverse network of global and local leaders, WaterSMART used our proven facilitation method to:

  • Frame technical conversations for efficient communication with the technical working group.
  • Guide working group outcomes.
  • Produce technical notes.
  • Schedule meetings and follow up on action items.
  • Support the development of best practice documents for in situ oil sands operators.

Corporate Water Strategy Development

WaterSMART works with resource industry companies, for example in hydraulic fracturing, petrochemicals, and power, to develop corporate-level strategies for managing water. These strategies include protocols for measuring internal water performance and external water risks, as well as for communicating about water management practices internally and externally. An overarching water strategy provides companies with a decision-making framework to enable improved water management, water risk mitigation, and more sustainable water use. The strategy also helps determine what and how the company reports on water issues to external stakeholders. WaterSMART applies our expert knowledge of water, corporate management systems, and the regulatory environment to help companies meet their long-term water goals.

View Recent Resource Industry Reports

A few of our most recent resource industry reports include; Jurisdictional Review: Alternative Water Transfers Using Temporary Layflat Hose, Review of Water Use Data Sources & Comparable Water Reporting, Alternative Water Source Life-Cycle Management Framework

Resource Industry Reports

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