Engineering Support

Technology Assessments and Recommendations

WaterSMART will help your organization use and reuse water effectively and efficiently by assessing and then recommending the best available water technologies. We can also assess the water technologies your organization is currently using to determine if any change is necessary. Our assessments are completed from a cost, reliability, suitability and longevity perspective.

Best Practices Development and Support

Drawing on our operational expertise, standards from other industries, and the knowledge and experience of our subject matter experts, WaterSMART will work with your organization to identify and develop water management best practices. We use our proven method to progress best practice projects through a framework that provides the right balance of engaging stakeholders and maintaining technical excellence. When implemented, our recommendations result in healthier watersheds, cost reductions, and smarter water sourcing, use, reuse and disposal.

Owner’s Engineer

As world-class water engineers with extensive experience in developing, building and operating water treatment facilities around the globe, WaterSMART will work for your organization as a trusted internal resource, ensuring you have access to expert and objective advice.

Specific services include providing recommendations for water design and development plans, helping integrate new acquisitions into existing operations, providing big picture recommendations on technology and plans, and troubleshooting facility water challenges.