Environmental Science and Modelling

Watershed Risk Assessments and Communications

The WaterSMART team will use our extensive knowledge and expertise to help your organization understand, mitigate and communicate the risks of operating in watersheds. Our services include assessing the watershed risks your organization faces, including any political, social, environmental, climate, regulatory or economic risks, and then recommending risk management processes, technologies, best practices and communications tactics that will protect the watershed, your water supply and your bottom line.

Climate Adaptation Risk Assessment and Planning

Water is fundamental to community sustainability and economic growth, and the way water is managed is critical in the face of changing weather patterns. WaterSMART works with organizations and all levels of government to assess their water risks and vulnerability to climate change based on the best available science and proven risk models. We then create and implement plans to mitigate or adapt to the identified risks, including to people, infrastructure, emergency services, hydrology, and water supply. We can then use different communications channels and tactics to disseminate the results to a broad audience of stakeholders, ensuring understanding and awareness of the outcomes and next steps.

Water-Related Modelling and Assessments

WaterSMART will help your organization apply and use hydrological, land use, and climate change models. We operate at local and regional scales to simulate water-related infrastructure, operations and strategies to test and develop water management plans. We then use these models to predict future development in the watershed and to help you sustainably manage the watersheds where you operate.