Alison Regan

P.Eng., SCMP

Alison is a Professional Engineer who joined the WaterSMART team in 2022. Through her 15 years of experience, she has led the development and execution of a wide variety of projects at a senior level, where she gained valuable experience in leading project staff, engaging stakeholders, and managing engineering projects, including scoping work plans, budgets, and schedules.

At WaterSMART, Alison is involved in improving the consistency and quality of project management processes, estimating, and reporting. As a leader, she focuses on maintaining clear and consistent communication, setting attainable goals, and assisting in prioritization while championing continuous improvement.

Alison received her Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Civil Engineering from the University of Alberta. In addition to her Bachelor’s degree, Alison is certified as a Supply Chain Management Professional by Supply Chain Canada and has completed certifications in Management, Leadership, and Project Management from Mount Royal University.

Her interests lie in pursuing a career that promotes building a diverse and inclusive energy landscape, understanding the role of sustainability and environmental stewardship, and promoting developments that lead towards a sustainable local and global economy, all while developing the next generation of leaders.