Steve Herman, EIT

Steve is a Project Engineer who holds a Bachelor of Chemical Engineering with a focus in Process Engineering from Queen’s University. In his role at WaterSMART, Steve provides a range of services including project facilitation and communications, best practice development, research, project management, and technology evaluations, primarily in the Resource Industries Line of Business. He also focuses on risk assessments, market size estimates, and preliminary economic and feasibility studies for water transportation, restoration, tailings management, and supply.

While working at WaterSMART, Steve is pursuing his P.Eng designation and is also working on a Master’s degree in Chemical and Petroleum Engineering with a specialization in Energy and Environmental Engineering at the University of Calgary. His thesis is about investigating the heat transfer impacts of fouling in oil sands steam generation equipment.

Growing up in Calgary, Steve enjoyed travelling to the Rockies to enjoy the natural beauty, including the lakes and rivers. He has fond memories of his grandparent’s lakeside cabin and has always had an interest in protecting the environment.

Steve views water as being ubiquitous to so many industries, especially in his home province of Alberta, including oil and gas, and agriculture. Recognizing the value and relative scarcity of water, Steve wants to contribute to its responsible utilization, thereby protecting our water resources for leisure activities and the environment, without sacrificing the benefits associated with resource extraction.