Kim Sturgess to Lead Course on Water Strategy for Oil and Gas

CALGARY (January 25, 2022) – The Founder and CEO of WaterSMART Solutions, Kim Sturgess, along with WaterSMART special advisor, Edwin Piñero, are instructing a course on February 9, 2022 that discusses the importance of water strategy and risk mitigation in the oil and gas sector, in partnership with JWN Energy Learning and the Daily Oil Bulletin.

Sustainability leaders in oil and gas need to be able to understand, mitigate, and communicate about their companies’ water risks, impacts, and opportunities. They need practical approaches to manage regulatory changes and challenging scenarios, such as water shortages, floods, and sharp changes in water quality. To do this, companies need a water strategy.

Students will learn:

  • The role water plays within oil and gas businesses
  • Current water risks and opportunities in oil and gas businesses
  • Examples of how a water strategy has aided other businesses
  • The names and basic functions of some existing tools to support water strategy development and implementation

For course details and registration:

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