Study of Water Impacts of Hydrogen Development in Alberta – 2023

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With funding and support from Alberta Innovates, ATCO, Capital Power, Hydrogen Naturally, Kiwetinohk Energy Corporation, and the Municipal District of Greenview No. 16, WaterSMART Solutions Ltd. has prepared a report studying the water impacts of hydrogen development in Alberta. In recognition of the potential scale and speed of hydrogen development in the province, this report has been prepared to assess the potential impacts of hydrogen development on water resources across Alberta, and to highlight locations in which available supply may limit hydrogen development. It is intended to inform policies, regulations, and investments which will best enable the hydrogen sector’s growth, while strategically balancing trade-offs within the water-energy-food nexus context. Project developers and investors in particular should carefully review the analysis in this report on where water supply is likely to be sufficient for hydrogen projects, and where limited water supply will introduce material project risks.

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WaterSMART Hydrogen Study Report

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