Water Metrics and ESG Reporting – 2021 Summary Report

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Around the world, the concept of “ESG” (Environmental, Social, and Governance) has thoroughly permeated discussions and actions amongst the public, regulators, governments, investors, and operating companies. The ESG space is evolving rapidly, with new proclamations, regulations, and investment decisions arising almost daily. With events such as COVID-19 and the response to the climate crisis acting as accelerants, ESG is a trend with material implications for businesses that cannot be ignored.

WaterSMART Solutions Ltd. (WaterSMART) has been engaged by Enbridge Inc. (Enbridge) to document our observations of emerging trends within the ESG movement, particularly related to water and water metrics. These observations are drawn from our ongoing consulting practice in North America, which builds on extensive prior work on water metrics, water reporting, and water strategy development. They have also been informed by the insights of our global team of Special Advisors. This report summarizes select highlights and global trends for water in the ESG context, and explores the response to these trends by investors, operating companies, and the ESG marketplace. Building from this exploration of the current and emerging state of water for ESGs, we provide commentary on its future, as well as key takeaways. Given the complex and rapidly evolving nature of the global ESG conversation, this report serves as a snapshot in time focused on key elements and is not intended as an all-encompassing and timeless compendium.

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