Water Reuse in Alberta – 2008 – 2015

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DOWNLOAD: Overview of Water Reuse Regulatory Framework and Case Studies 2008
Sustainable Water Management and Economic Development in Alberta, 2008
Greywater Recycling and Reuse in Alberta 2011
Water Reuse in Alberta – 2013 – Sust & Reg Dev
Water Reuse in Alberta Summary – 2013
Water Reuse in Alberta: Case Studies and Policy Development to Support Economic Development, 2015

To help our clients achieve their economic and environmental goals, WaterSMART has always worked on water reuse projects. In 2012, when interest in water reuse from various stakeholders including government, the public, municipalities and developers became a greater priority, WaterSMART was commissioned to undertake a study for Alberta Economic Development Authority. The study investigated water reuse experiences throughout the province and identified the potential impacts on economic growth if water reuse was not encouraged as a tool for water efficiency and productivity.

Nine key findings and corresponding recommendations were made, including that provincial legislation was prohibiting the practical application of water reuse from matching a growing political will to support reuse.

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