CSMI Stormwater management irrigation canal through (public sector and municipality consultation project)

Stormwater Management Cooperative receives 2021 Water’s Next Award

Collaborative Stormwater Management Initiative (CSMI) NEWS RELEASE June 15, 2021 Stormwater Management Cooperative receives 2021 Water’s Next Award CALGARY (June 15, 2021) – On June 10, 2021 the Collaborative Stormwater Management Initiative (CSMI) was awarded the Canadian Water Summit’s 2021 Water’s Next Award in the Stormwater category. This award recognizes CSMI’s significant contribution to the…
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WaterPortal launches video on grassland and water health for Let’s Talk About Water’s Short Film Competition

CALGARY, ALBERTA, June 1, 2021 – The Alberta WaterPortal Society’s submission for Let’s Talk About Water’s 2021 International Film competition emphasizes the benefits that properly managed grasslands can have for water quality and ecosystem health. The video provides in-depth and understandable details in only two minutes on how grassland ecosystems provide valuable benefits, such as filtering water.…
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Newly formed Stormwater Management Cooperative creates regional stormwater solution   

Stormwater Management Cooperative (CSMI) NEWS RELEASE January 11, 2021 Newly formed Stormwater Management Cooperative creates regional stormwater solution    CALGARY (Jan. 11, 2021) –The incorporation of the Stormwater Management Cooperative (CSMI) in early December 2020 marks the formal establishment of an innovative and collaborative approach for regional protection against the impacts of severe weather in southern…
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WaterSMART Publishes Water for the Hydrogen Economy Report

On November 30, WaterSMART published a report on the importance of water in the development of the hydrogen economy. This topic is most applicable to water stressed regions that have visions for large scale hydrogen production. To date, limited research had been published on this topic. This paper reviews the water demands for three of…
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Education meets entertainment with Alberta WaterPortal Society’s online games and videos 

CALGARY, ALBERTA, Oct. 19, 2020 – With online learning leaping in popularity, the Alberta WaterPortal Society is publishing fun new learning activities to help keep water education interesting, even online.  These new materials include interactive games and short animations that make learning fun for everyone. They explore how human actions and choices impact water, food, and energy resources. As the population in Alberta increases, users must contemplate how to balance the demand for water to support food, energy, people and the…
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