WaterSMART Solutions Publishes (SSROM Phase 3) Final Report

The South Saskatchewan River Operational Model (SSROM), is a comprehensive daily mass balance model which enables the comparison of adaptation strategies and evaluation of impacts across the South Saskatchewan River Basin (SSRB). For this work, the best available climate data was used to reflect worst-case scenarios in terms of seasonality shifts and temperate and precipitation…
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Alberta Chamber of Resources Highlights the CEO of WaterSMART Solutions

The Alberta Chamber of Resources highlights the CEO of WaterSMART Solutions Kim Sturgess, for her 10 years of service on the board. Distinguished by her dedication, leadership, and commitment to creating a sustainable resource sector, she is an invaluable member of the Alberta Chamber of Resources community.

ASTech Celebrates Kim Sturgess on International Women’s Day 2024

The ASTech Awards brings together Industry, Government, Academia, and Entrepreneurs to celebrate outstanding contributions and achievement in Science, Technology and Leadership in Alberta. On International Women’s Day, 2024 ASTech Awards amplified the contributions of Dr. Marlene Huerta, Dr. Kathryn Birnie, Dr. Linda Pilarski, and Kim Sturgess for their significant work in science and technology.   From…
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Kim Sturgess Presents the 2023 Young Resource Leader Award to Adam Martinson

Last week in Edmonton, CEO of WaterSMART Solutions Kim Sturgess, presented the 2023 Young Resource Leader Award to Adam Martinson. The event hosted by the Alberta Chamber of Resources, celebrated individuals and corporations in the resource sector. Martinson is the Founder & President of AJM Environmental, a consulting firm dedicated to wetland, wildlife, and aquatic…
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Province plans ahead to mitigate severe drought this year — using a familiar modelling tool

CBC News The Alberta government is planning ahead for the possibility of a severe drought this year — using a tool and company employed in the aftermath of the 2013 floods. The province has awarded WaterSMART Solutions, a water management consulting company, with a $350,000 contract to conduct drought modelling and determine how to optimize…
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