Construction complete for Stage 1 of CSMI’s eastern system near Town of Strathmore

CALGARY (June 7, 2022) – Construction of the first stage of the CSMI system near the Town of Strathmore was completed in spring 2022. Following regulatory approval from Alberta Environment and Parks in December 2021, the Stormwater Management Cooperative (CSMI) approved construction of Stage 1-E to begin in January of 2022. Stage 1-E consisted of the installation of a new underdrain for existing and future stormwater runoff to bypass the Western Irrigation District’s (WID) irrigation canal. The proposed Lakewood and Wildflower developments in Strathmore will have access to this part of the CSMI system as a sustainable stormwater outlet.

The Stormwater Management Cooperative (CSMI) was formed for the purposes of constructing and operating the CSMI system, which is designed to reduce localized flooding through collecting, storing, and moving stormwater more effectively throughout the region. Stormwater will also be kept out of the Western Irrigation District (WID) irrigation canals as it is conveyed through the CSMI system, which preserves high quality irrigation water in the canals.

The members of CSMI include the Western Irrigation District, The City of Calgary, Rocky View County, and the Town of Strathmore. Since its incorporation in December 2020, the Cooperative has been operating successfully to progress the design and construction of the system.

Construction of the CSMI system is designed to be completed in stages to facilitate new development as it occurs in the region. Stage 1-E is located north and west of the Town of Strathmore and will provide a stormwater outfall for the proposed new Strathmore communities, Lakewood and Wildflower.

The Town has been working with the Lakewood and Wildflower developments over the past year to progress the new communities. We’re excited to be able to offer a sustainable stormwater solution through CSMI Stage 1-E. Installation of the Stage 1-E underdrain will also benefit many of our neighbors including the WID and local irrigators by keeping stormwater out of B canal, maintaining the excellent water quality. The Town is proud to be a regional partner and the first municipality to realize the mutual benefits of the CSMI system that enable our continued growth.” Ethan Wilson, Manager of Infrastructure, Town of Strathmore.

Construction of the southern stages of CSMI are underway at the South end of Chestermere Lake and will provide stormwater outlets for the City of Calgary and Rocky View County. Future stages of the CSMI system will be built as development occurs; the overall buildout timeline for CSMI is estimated at 25 years but will ultimately depend on the pace of development in the region.  

The CSMI partners would like to thank the Government of Alberta for their ongoing support of the project, which was most recently demonstrated by an additional $185,000 in grant funding from the Alberta Community Partnership (ACP). Construction of Stage 1-E was also made possible through funding from the Government of Canada.

About CSMI

The Stormwater Management Cooperative (CSMI) was incorporated in Alberta on 2020/12/10. The initial members of the Cooperative include the Western Irrigation District, The City of Calgary, Rocky View County, and the Town of Strathmore. CSMI was formed for the purposes of constructing and operating a regional out-of-canal storm water drainage system. More information on the project can be found at 

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