Adaptation Roadmap for the SSRB: Assessment of Strategic Water Management Projects to Support Economic Development in the South Saskatchewan River Basin (SSROM Phase 3) Final Report

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Alberta is experiencing drought conditions; as of December 2023, there were 51 Water Shortage Advisories active across central and southern Alberta. The current drought status is a critical reminder of the importance of both short and long-term planning for water management and adaptation strategies. Alberta is also experiencing strong municipal and economic growth, which depends on access to a reliable supply of water. Water resources are the key to balancing provincial growth with maintaining a sustainable and clean water supply for safe, secure drinking water for all and preserving a healthy aquatic ecosystem. It is imperative that water managers continue to have up-to-date operational tools available to meet the needs of the basin, especially in the context of a changing climate.


Main Report_SSROM_Ph3_Adaptation Roadmap for the SSRB

Appendix A_SSROM_Ph3_Adaptation Roadmap for the SSRB_WG TOR

Appendix B_SSROM_Ph3_Adaptation Roadmap for the SSRB_Funders

Appendix C_SSROM_Ph3_Adaptation Roadmap for the SSRB_Climate Memo

Appendix D_SSROM_Ph3_Adaptation Roadmap for the SSRB_Flow image

Appendix E – SSROM_Ph3_Adaptation Roadmap_EcoMetrics

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